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Achieving Success in your VA Business... What's LUCK got to do with it?

As a home based business operator and Virtual Assistant since 2008, I know the ups and downs of running an often frenetic and fast-paced business from a domestic environment. I also know what people imagine it’s like... somewhere between lifestyles of the rich and famous and easy street – right?

I watch their eyes glaze over when I utter those magic words: "I work from home", and hear the often repeated comment “You are SO lucky!”



That word "Lucky" really got me thinking…

Yes, I guess I’m lucky insofar as I had the guts and wherewithal to seek a better career option for myself and my skill set.

I’m also lucky that I have the drive and stamina to get the job done for the client no matter what.

I’m really lucky that my family have been understanding enough to schedule time to call in (rather than “pop in because I’m in the area”)

And, of course, I’m lucky that I have the will and motivation to move the business forward every single day regardless of how I might be feeling.

Because, let’s face it… that’s what it takes to run a successful home business.

The truth is that since I set myself up as a VA and solopreneur, I’ve never worked harder or longer.

But do you know what….? I may be slightly crazy because I seriously love everything about it!

  • I love the thrill of “the chase” for a new client, then the satisfaction of winning the deal.

  • I love watching, tracking and analysing my business’s financial results week to week, month to month and year to year - it motivates me and inspires me.

  • I love the constant enquiry into how to do it better each and every time, and how to become an invaluable resource for my current client base.

  • I love learning new skills along the way that really are the natural progression of being a ‘the buck stops here’ solopreneur.

  • I love working with people I admire and respect, but I also love the ability to turn down work with people I don’t.

  • I love having permission to be flexible in my business because I’m the boss.

  • I love working in my fluffy slippers, with my cat “Stanley” watching me from his vantage point on top of the printer.

The reality is that running your own home based business may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the opportunity is there for those who have the ability, drive and guts to do it! If you need help setting up your own home-based business, or if you’re an EA of PA wanting to move into the VA space, get in touch with me because I can help!

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