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Book - A Journey from Ordinary to Excellence

The opportunity of owning and operating your own VA (Virtual Assistant) business has never been quite as attainable as it is today.  Speaking from my own experience, it’s an amazing business with very low overheads and set up costs, and it is also a business which can open the door to many career opportunities, giving savvy VAs the ability to provide a service based on their own unique skills and experience to [primarily] SMEs and entrepreneurs who value the many benefits of teaming with a professional VA.


This book is written specifically for existing and new VA business owners who feel like they are stuck in a rut; needing to re-define their game plan and re-invent their VA experience.  Together we set a course toward renewed business success and focus, which includes identifying and developing the unique skills and potential which are fundamental to a successful VA business, cultivating an attitude of excellence in all that you do, and then putting some time into simple planning and goal setting in order to facilitate a smooth re-boot of your VA business – no matter whether you are 6 months, 12 months or 12 years in.

Book - A Journey from Ordinary to Excellence

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