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Want to escape your stressful corporate job & become a successful, highly paid Virtual Assistant?

We've made the process a whole lot easier with our VA Startup Program!

Finally, a systemised and strategic approach that really works – something that allows EAs, PAs and Admin Professionals to escape the rat race and gain freedom and choice… and here at VA Institute, we’re showing hundreds of women just like you how to do it! 

About VA Institute


The VA Institute Team

Established in 2017 and headed up by Ingrid Bayer and Angela Revell - two highly successful VAs who have a combined industry experience of over 25 years – VA Institute has focused on building an industry founded on excellence and sustainability. 


The VA Startup Program was first rolled out in 2017 as a complete setup solution for aspiring VAs.  Since that time, VA Institute has worked with over 700 individuals just like you to build and launch successful businesses through the signature VA Startup Program. 


Today, the VA Institute provides ongoing support to aspiring VAs and established VAs through a range of programs and memberships that have been designed to foster excellence in our growing industry, and set our VAs up for success well into the future.

Use our proven processes to learn online, at your own pace and support to transition with confidence from a corporate job to a successful and highly profitable Virtual Assistant (VA) business.

So who is the VA journey for?

You’ve got an admin background of over 5 years

You're great at what you do but unsure how to get a business off the ground

You're sick of being caught up in the 9 to 5 (and beyond) to line someone else’s pockets

You love providing quality support and easing the burden for other people

You'd love a solution that allows you the flexibility of being able to earn AND spend time with your children

You would like to be able to have the choice to work when you want and for who you want

You are a little scared at the thought of going out on your own

You are challenged about how to find clients

Do you have questions?
Book a FREE chat with the VA Institute to learn more...

If you resonate with any of the above, don’t stress. You’re definitely not alone!


Most of the women we are helping come from traditional employment where they’re working up to 60 hours per week, struggling to find time to see their families, and with next to no work-life balance.  While they loved what they did, they were fed up with putting in so much effort to line the pockets of their employer.  They wanted more choice and flexibility, but it was next to impossible to achieve.


Some had even heard about Virtual Assistants but had shelved the idea because they realised that until they found the support and courage to break free and venture out on their own, they would always be trapped in the ‘slow lane’… working hard for someone else.

Well guess what? It doesn’t have to stay this way.

There is a way out.

Since starting VA Institute in 2017, we’ve helped over 700 women break free of their demanding corporate ‘shackles’ and become their own boss by setting up their own Virtual Assistant (VA) business.

Check out some of the stories below of other women who we’re working with right now.

Real women, real stories… all of them were unsure about how to get started, but now have successful businesses, and a lifestyle that actually works.