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Welcome to VA Institute, a pioneering institution at the forefront of the Virtual Assistant industry's transformation. Established in 2017, the VA Institute is lead by Founder – Ingrid Bayer - and Global Operations Manager - Angela Revell - who are industry veterans with well over three decades of collective experience in technology and business. VA Institute has evolved into an unparalleled hub for empowerment, training, and collaborative growth for both aspiring and established Virtual Assistants.

VA Institute isn't just a business; it's a MOVEMENT

dedicated to propelling the Virtual Assistant industry forward

Our history is one of dedication, innovation, and unwavering support for Virtual Assistants. From startup training to ongoing business development, from connecting VAs with clients to fostering in-person connections, our commitment to excellence and inclusivity drives us every day. 

Our VA Institute journey began with a profound realisation that the Virtual Assistant industry needed dedicated support and comprehensive training. We recognised the absence of a consistent advocate for Virtual Assistants and took the lead in being that guiding force. With a steadfast commitment to launching, building, and sustaining VA businesses through excellence, sustainability, and authenticity, we embarked on a mission that has redefined the VA Industry landscape.

From our inception, we've been dedicated to being your guiding support at every step of your VA business journey. Our comprehensive training programs are designed not only to kickstart your venture but also to provide ongoing business development and job leads. 


One of our most favourite times of year is the VA Summit! This annual 3 day event brings Virtual Assistants from across Australia together to Connect, Learn, and Grow. In a predominantly online industry, the VA Summit provides an invaluable opportunity for in-person connections, networking, and learning from industry professionals. It's a testament to our dedication to creating a supportive community and fostering a culture of collaboration.

Our commitment to your growth doesn't stop at VA startup training. We identified the need in the online environment for ongoing business development and connection. Therefore, Virtual Momentum, a membership program tailored to support existing VAs in building and growing their businesses sustainably was established in 2021. Virtual Momentum offers ongoing support, mentoring, business development, skills training and access to potential client leads

Through this comprehensive ecosystem, we provide the tools, resources, and guidance needed for every stage of your journey.

We understand the unique challenges faced by Virtual Assistants, and that's why our commitment doesn't end with training. Our initiatives extend to helping you find clients through our innovative platform, Find A VA. This resource has connected well over 1000 business with quality certified and insured Virtual Assistants.

When it comes to your Virtual Assistant journey, the VA Institute has got you covered!

We invite you

to be part of our 

transformative journey

at VA Institute.


Ingrid Bayer & Angela Revell

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