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Virtual Skills Training


Elevate your Virtual Business to new heights with Virtual Momentum the must have membership for all Virtual Professionals!


Virtual Momentum is the gateway experience to a powerhouse of ongoing business development skills, all at your fingertips.

You will access well over 100 hours of ongoing business development, Weekly live training sessions and access to high quality job leads!​

Join like-minded Virtual Service Providers in the the VA Institute's Virtual Momentum membership and transform your journey as a Virtual Professional into one of boundless potential.


Learn in-demand skills, gain confidence, and get expert support at the #1 University for Freelancers and Virtual Assistants!

Access Powerful Resources to Amplify Your Freelance Success

At Freelance University we can help you gain confidence, clarity, skills, clients, community and freedom

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Meet Marianne, the Microsoft Magician at Thrive.

Marianne is a Microsoft 365 expert and her business - Thrive - is all about finding a way to empower you, as a business owner, with the Microsoft 365 Business tools and knowledge.

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