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Meet the

VA Institute Team


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Accredited Trainer, Coach and Mentor


Ingrid Bayer is a remarkable thought leader and VA Advocate who has dedicated her life to empowering and transforming the Virtual Assistant industry. With over 30 years of experience in various industries, including photography, IT, entertainment, stockbroking, legal, real estate, and medical, Ingrid has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that sets her apart as a thought leader and transformational thinker.

In 2008, Ingrid embarked on a new chapter in her career by establishing her own Virtual Assistant business from her home office in regional New South Wales, Australia. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to think innovatively allowed her to quickly expand her business, eventually overseeing and managing a team of VAs within just two years.

Ingrid's profound understanding of business administration, coupled with her unique talent for envisioning possibilities, has enabled her to facilitate conversations that inspire clients and move them towards success. Her students benefit from her exceptional ability to implement winning processes and ideas, ensuring their achievements are not limited by technical skills alone.

Driven by her passion and life purpose, Ingrid launched the VA Institute in 2017. The VA Institute is the go-to industry leader for education and training, providing practical support and guidance to both startup VAs and established professionals. The VA training programs are grounded in real industry experience, allowing emerging VAs to set themselves up for excellence right from the start.

Through the VA Institute, Ingrid seeks to uncover and identify the missing ingredients in the VA toolbox. By doing so, she empowers, transforms, and inspires the VA industry to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results. Her dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of VAs is truly inspiring.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Ingrid is a loving mother, devoted wife, and successful business owner. Her career journey, which began in legal secretarial and business administration roles, has been a testament to her resilience and determination. Today, she actively advocates foe the VA Industry by sharing her expertise on the speaking circuit. In addition, she has authored three books that offer invaluable insights into setting up a successful VA business.

Ingrid's impact on the Australian VA industry cannot be overstated. Her establishment of the VA Institute and Find a VA platforms, combined with her commitment to excellence, authenticity, and sustainability, have shaped the growth and development of the industry. Ingrid Bayer's extraordinary journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring VAs, business owners, and professionals alike, showcasing the power of passion, dedication, and a vision for positive change.


Chief Executive Officer

Coach & Mentor, Global Operations Manager,


Angela is not just a business leader; she is a force to be reckoned with. Trained in the technology space and with decades of experience in the technology and small business solution space, Angela has become a symbol of resilience and perseverance.


Angela has successfully managed her businesses while taking care of a family with high medical needs and raising young children. Her unique ability to identify the silver lining in any challenge has helped numerous entrepreneurs overcome their struggles and achieve their goals.

What sets Angela apart is her passion for cutting through the noise and guiding entrepreneurs towards success with practical implementation. She understands the challenges of growing a business and can instil the confidence and skills necessary to achieve goals. She guides from institutionalised mindsets to an emerging entrepreneur, while creating a safe space.

After connecting with Ingrid and the VA Institute in early 2019, Angela joined the VA Institute team as a contractor, providing technical services. It wasn’t long before her broad skills were utilised in other parts of the company, with Angela moving to the role of Global Operations Manager. As an integral part of the VA Institute, Ingrid invited Angela to the VA Institute and Find A VA as a Co-Director and Joint Owner in early 2022.


Whilst sharing her knowledge of all things IT, Angela guides the VA Institute around current platforms and implements new systems, along with coaching, mentoring & training to VAs and OBMs. Her dedication to micro and small businesses is palpable, and her drive to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs is infectious. Angela is a visionary leader, changemaker, and trailblazer in the technology and small business solution space. Her resilience, dedication, and passion are truly inspiring, and her ability to guide entrepreneurs towards success is second to none.


Sales Director & Onboarding Specialist

TWL Headshot Sept 2023.png

Toni  has worked across a number of different industries over the last 20 years from the beauty industry to civil construction. Toni has a strong background in sales and marketing. 

Toni chose to become a VA after running her own publishing business and looking for a new challenge. She was helping clients out as a VA but wasn't really set up to be the best she could be for herself or her clients.


Being a VA is such a fantastic job and Toni loves being able to provide solutions to all her clients' needs as well as being able to work around her family life.

Toni is our VA Startup Mentor who speaks with startup VA's to help them move towards starting their own business as well as onboarding all new enrollments to the VA Startup Program. 

Mel Clarke

Creative Team Co-ordinator


Mel can be found in her happy place when she’s working with micro and small business owners.

Driven by the thrill associated with positive outcomes, Mel loves a good challenge, and believes with a “real” cup of coffee and some good tunes, anything is possible.

Initially trained in office administration (many moons ago), With a career spanning over 25 years, Mel has a diverse skillset in business development and management. 

Mel can be found coordinating the talented creative team at the VA Institute. She loves being a part of the creative journey with the VA graduates as they get ready to launch their new business.

Phillippa Smith

VA Summit Event Co-ordinator

Phillippa Smith Professional Photo.jpg

Phillippa takes great pleasure in ensuring events run smoothly and receives great satisfaction from seeing people enjoying their experiences.


Her creative side really shines through when she is planning events, and she loves to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to make the ideas come to life. 


Phillippa has organised events from small team meetings to large conferences, as well as learning and development programs such as Leadership Assessment Centres.


A recognition of her success as an event manager was achieved during her corporate career through winning the ANZ Outstanding Achievement Award for her work on a Leadership Summit.

Within the VA Institute you will find Phillippa deep within the annual VA Summit planning and she is the driving force behind the success of these events and enjoys creating the program for the events theme of CONNECT | GROW | LEARN 

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