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Book A Journey from EA to VA

This book is written for anyone who is looking for inspiration, motivation and fresh ideas to take their corporate journey to the next level and set up their own business as a Virtual Assistant.

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Take your VA business to the next level!  This book is written specifically for existing and new VA business owners who feel like they are stuck in a rut; needing to re-define their game plan and re-invent their VA experience.

Book Reviews

I just wanted to email you to say that I have just purchased your book and for someone who has just come back into the VA world after 18mths in employed full time work (yuck!) this book so far is magnificent and definitely what I needed to read!  I started floundering again, not feeling confident that I had any skills left to offer anyone and wondering where to start but in the space of a couple of hours into your book I have started to pick myself up again and feel like I have some direction back on what I am doing and how I get to my goal.

—  Karen, QLD

Excellent book – loved it.


Although I’m an oldie in the VA world, I loved Ingrid’s book. I wish she had written this when I started out as I would have snapped her up as my mentor. Not only is Ingrid a wonderful person, but her knowledge of running a high-quality VA business makes her a true industry leader. The insights Ingrid shares, along with her templates really makes you think about your business attitudes and how you can build a strong VA business. Any VA will benefit from reading this book, but if you’re new to the industry, jump on this book before you make all the silly mistakes many of us do in the start-up phase. Well done Ingrid, you never fail to impress – great book.

—  Monique, VIC

This book is a must for Virtual Assistants. I wish Ingrid had written it 5 years ago... it would have saved me a lot of learning/hoping I was doing the right thing in my VA Business. Although my business is already established I still enjoyed the read. I read the book in a day, I just couldn’t put it down, it’s an easy read and it felt like I had Ingrid there having a conversation. There are a lot of key takeaways from it and it will make your journey a lot easier. I highly regard Ingrid as one of the best in the VA industry, this book is a must, go on you won’t regret it.

—  Sandra, VIC

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