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Professional Profiles for Excellence Web

Professional Profiles for Excellence


Are you expressing interest in many job leads, but not having any luck getting past that initial stage of sending off your Cover Letter & Professional Profile?

Do you know what an excellent Professional Profile should look like & contain?

Are you tailoring your Professional Profile to each job lead?


This special webinar, brought to you by VA Institute's Ingrid Bayer & Melissa Patterson, will take you through Excellent Professional Profiles - and how to make yours stand out!

Copy of Tackling the Taboo - Charging wh

Charging What You're Worth


Are you wondering what rates VAs in the industry are currently charging?

Struggling to know your value?

Need strategies to help you price yourself appropriately?

This webinar is for YOU!

Tackling the Taboo - Subcontracting expo

Subcontracting Exposed


Do you struggle with the concept of Subcontracting?

What's the difference between subcontracting and collaborating?

How can you set yourself up to be a subcontractor to other VAs?

How can you scale & build a team of subcontractors to support your business growth?

Would you like to gain clarity on what you should be charging when subcontracting your services to another VA?

Great Onboarding Starts with Boundaries.

Great Onboarding Starts With Boundaries


Do you find setting boundaries with your clients challenging?

Why do we need boundaries in business & types of boundaries should you consider?

How should you address boundaries right from the beginning?

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