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We help EAs, PAs, Admins, Creatives and Tech professionals
build and launch successful Virtual Service Businesses

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Launching you to success  through  excellence

Your journey starts here

VA Institute students

Do you want to gain more time, flexibility, and control?

Do you want to take charge of your life? Do you want to achieve your full potential while contributing to your family financially?

Then it's time to work on yourself, providing the services you love and excel at.

The VA Institute offers learning opportunities to suit everyone - from an online self-paced program to a virtual one-on-one session, to intensive retreats for those looking to get set up quickly.

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Taking the step to set up your own Virtual business can be a little scary!

We know because we've been there and done that!

Our programs are built on the knowledge and experience that comes from years of actually RUNNING successful Virtual businesses.  In fact, the VA Institute is a team of practising Virtual Assistants with over 40 years combined experience... we have all walked the walk.

Two easy ways to start your own Virtual Service Business...

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This entry level, fully online, self-paced program is perfect for those who need the foundational skills to turn their dream of a Virtual business into reality.

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Our signature VA Startup Program is perfect for those who are interested in setting up their own fully launched business in fun, interactive sessions - where our team creates your website and logo, making your launch simple.

VA Startup Programs

AND... With any program you can choose to pay in full, or spread out your payments using our Buy Now, Pay Later partners!


available on products up to $3000

available on products up to $3000

We exist to unlock excellence in people and business

VA to Agency

Or.. Are your ready to take your existing Virtual Business to the next level?

This is an in-depth program where you leave confidently equipped to run your own Virtual Agency.  Seven in-depth modules for learning and understanding how to grow and build your Virtual Agency for sustainable growth and success.

AND... With any program you can choose to pay in full, or spread out your payments using our Buy Now, Pay Later partners!


available on products up to $2000

available on products up to $3000

Need help in choosing a program?

Check out the FREE Virtual Business information webinar and Quickstart checklist below

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Do you want to understand

and what does it involve?

Then join us in our next FREE webinar - we unpack what a Virtual Services Business is, and how they operate in today's world.


Are you looking for an easy to follow checklist outlining the main actions required to set up your Virtual business?


for FREE below!

Still need help in choosing a program?

Get on a call with one of our dedicated VA Institute team members to explore which program best fits your needs.

Would you love to attend an IN-PERSON SUMMIT to CONNECT, LEARN and GROW with like-minded Virtual Businesses?

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24th & 25th May 2025




TWO Days of Powerful Talks and interactive sessions


with your peers



from your industry leaders



your business success

On the back of many years of sustained growth in our constantly evolving Virtual Industry, we are bringing together our industry leaders to support you to 




Designed to meet the needs of new AND established Virtual Businesses, the VA SUMMIT delivers the latest industry trends, together with essential tools and knowledge to drive growth and excellence in our developing industry.

The VA SUMMIT is an in-person event designed to celebrate the diverse community we are, the skills we have and the opportunity to grow and build successful businesses.

Join us as we lift the lid on what it takes to CONNECT, LEARN and GROW a fabulous Virtual Business...


AND... you can choose to pay in full, or spread out your payments using our Buy Now, Pay Later partners!


available on products up to $3000

available on products up to $3000


Meet VA Institute Founder and CEO


Ingrid Bayer is a thought leader, published author of three books, transformational thinker, and one of the brightest minds in the VA Industry today.


For over 30 years, Ingrid has worked across many industries including, Photography, IT, Entertainment, Stockbroking, Legal, Real Estate and Medical. 


In 2008, Ingrid started operating as a Virtual Assistant from her home office in regional New South Wales, Australia.  Within two years, she had grown her business to include managing and overseeing a team of VAs.


Her sound knowledge of business administration, together with her ability to think outside the square, facilitate conversations around ‘possibility’, and then move forward to implement winning processes and ideas ensures her clients’ success.


In 2017, Ingrid launched VA Institute and began devoting her time to working strategically with the Virtual Industry and its stakeholders, and specialising in working with Administrative, EAs, PAs, Creatives and Technical Professionals from locations including Australia, New Zealand and around the world, in making the transition into a successful Virtual Service Businesses.

The VA Institute is your go-to resource for education and training, providing hands-on, practical support for Startups and established Virtual Freelancers alike.  Our programs are built on a bedrock of real industry experience, and from the standpoint of setting yourself up for excellence from the outset.


Through VA Institute, Ingrid’s passion and life purpose is to make a tangible difference in the lives of Virtual Business Owners and their clients by uncovering and exposing the ‘elephant in the room’; that is, identifying the missing ingredients in the Virtual Business toolbox in a way that empowers, transforms and inspires the Virtual Industry and its stakeholders to be the best, expect the best, and deliver the best beyond mere technical skills.

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Would you like to hear from other Virtual Businesses about their journey?


Click the image to hear other Virtual Business Owners talk about their journey

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From a solid administrative career with exposure to many industries; from entertainment, to stockbroking, real estate, and the area she loved most - legal - Ingrid moved into the 'job of her dreams' - PA to a senior partner in a large regional law firm. But what should have been a triumph turned into a nightmare when she experienced the horrors of workplace bullying and abuse


It was at this point that Ingrid took stock of her skillset and decided to create her own business. She moved out of traditional employment, became her own boss, and quickly created a successful home-based business as a Virtual Assistant. She's never looked back.

Now armed with further skills and entrepreneurial savvy, Ingrid works with EAs, PAs and administrative professionals to help them achieve their dream of turning their existing skills into a successful VA business in today's changing world. 

Through her book, Ingrid provides guidance and advice around the key elements for success as a Virtual Assistant; from business startup logistics, services and pricing, how to find clients, right through to communication and time management.

Filled with tips and insights, well researched information, and experience gained from her years as a VA, Ingrid's book is a must-have for anyone looking to start their own home based Virtual Assistant business.

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Everything you need to know to build a successful and profitable VA business

Need help in choosing a program?

Get on a call with one of our dedicated VA Institute team members to explore which program best fits your needs.

Our Manifesto

We believe we are all capable of achieving excellence.

But perhaps you're not there yet.  And you're not alone.  Some of the smartest, most ambitious people we know are still trapped in a job they hate.  So they end up just performing.  Sucking it up just to get things averagely done.

But we believe you have a choice...

To play to someone else's standard and be miserable,

or to be so damn good at what you do that people will come from all over to watch your light burn.

We believe that when people are given the freedom to play to their strengths, they achieve excellence.

We believe excellence begins with a desire to be a master of their craft so they can reach their full potential.

It's not just about work that's "better than good".  It's choosing exceptional over mediocre.  It's an outward expression of one's inner integrity.

And when everyone operates at this level of excellence, a world of incredible opportunities opens up.

This is why we exist.​

We are here to blaze the trail for you to rediscover your strength and play it to your advantage.

To fan into flame unwavering confidence so you can finally break free from whatever is holding you back.

To launch you into success through excellence.

I enrolled in this program for a couple of reasons - to save myself time, to be part of a network and to give me NO reason to NOT get started.


I can definitely see why the VA Institute is know for excellence in the industry.


The VA Institute is an absolute must as a go to resource if setting yourself up as a VA or Business Consultant.


The 2 x 3hr Zoom program was invaluable. Having everything laid out for you, and not having to re-invent the wheel is worth its weight in gold.


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