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Are you Ready to Grow and Scale your VA Business?

When you start up as a Virtual Assistant, the major focus will generally revolve predominantly around building a client base and achieving financial sustainability… as it quite rightly should!

But what happens when you're ready for the next big step?

Growing and scaling from a solo venture to a team-oriented business is a significant leap. If you're contemplating this transition, here are some signs that you're ready to expand.

1. Overwhelmed by Client Workload:

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your current clients, feeling like you need to clone yourself to manage the workload, it's a clear indicator of growth. This challenge, while daunting, signals that your services are in high demand.

2. Turning Away Potential Clients:

Turning away new clients is something we generally advise against. These potential clients not only represent immediate business opportunities but also serve as a safety net for natural client turnover. If you're in this position, it's time to consider expansion.

3. Stress and Imbalance:

A lack of balance between work and life, coupled with high stress, can negatively impact the quality of your service. This state not only risks your wellbeing but could also lead to losing clients.

4. Aspiring for More:

Perhaps you're driven by a vision beyond being a solo operator. If you dream of building an empire or growing into an agency-style operation, it's time to embrace that ambition.

What Next? Be Honest and Plan:

First, be honest with yourself and your clients about your capacity and desires.

If maintaining a smaller workload suits you (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), consider referring excess clients to trusted VA colleagues.

However, if expansion excites you, then it’s time to prepare for significant changes. This involves updating your business plan, website, and documents to reflect a team, refining your services, selecting the right team members, and ensuring all legal and tech aspects are covered.

Recognising when you're at a pivot point in your VA business is crucial. Whether you choose to maintain your current size or expand into something bigger, understanding your goals and capacity is key.


If you're contemplating scaling up but unsure where to start, don't hesitate to reach out to us at VA Institute. You can drop us an email to, and we can start a conversation!  We're here to help you strategise and support your growth journey.



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