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Are you waiting for the stars to align?

Last Saturday morning, I found this Tim Ferriss quote and it resonated with me as I began to prepare for another day... (yes, it was Saturday, and yes I was working for a bit... but, hey, I absolutely love what I do).

You see, in the many conversations I have with people considering starting a VA business, there are many who simply fail to launch because, for whatever reason, the stars haven't aligned... and in 12 or 18 months time, guess what... they're having another conversation (generally with me), lamenting the fact that they wish they had just got going and futureproofed their career.

In our world, the way we work is changing (quite obviously). As I was writing this, another lockdown came into force - this time in WA - and yet another resounding blow was being dealt to businesses who had been preparing for increased long weekend trade. The flow-on effect is that when businesses suffer, the workforce suffers... and the simple fact is that being an employee is now no longer a 'sure thing'.

Whether you believe it or not, business (and life) will go on... but the way we work - the normality of the past - has evaporated, and in order to keep up we need to step up and find new options and alternatives.

We are seeing unprecedented growth in the need for VAs.

And you know what... the great thing is that you can start your VA biz while you're employed, and just build it as a low risk side hustle. I did... and many others do too.

You write the rules... it's your business!

So, what are you waiting for?


If you want to get started, but just don't know where to begin (or are drowning in info and are totally confused), reach out to me and we can jump on a quick call and talk through your situation and help you plan your strategy! /

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