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Lost that Loving Feeling? How to Rekindle the Romance with your Home-based Business

You know the story… you used to bounce out of bed each morning, run down the hallway, slide a-la Tom Cruise ‘Risky Business’ style into your office, and fire up the computer ready to hook into another exciting instalment of life as a home-based business operator.

But lately, it’s not the same. The zing has left the room.

Let’s be honest… sometimes, it REALLY is difficult to keep the love alive in your own business – no matter how clever or entrepreneurial you may be.

Whatever you do, don’t panic! There are some simple actions you can take right now to get that ‘loving feeling’ back – and fast!

Revisit your Why – Take a moment to remind yourself what was the catalyst for getting started in your own business – the reason why you began in the first place. Focus on how far you’ve come, and what fantastic accomplishments you’ve achieved. Even if you’re only a relatively new business, you will have achieved some great stuff already – and it’s truly worth focusing on.

Have an Office Spring Clean – Sometimes just by giving our workspace a bit of extra attention with the focus on organising and de-cluttering, you can achieve that renewed sense of ‘love’ with your business and workspace.

Revisit your Business Plan – Check in on your goals, and see how you’re tracking. Perhaps it’s time to call in a Mentor to help you step up to the next level?

Change your Business Mindset by developing an Attitude for Gratitude – It’s true that if we focus on what we’re grateful for, our mood will lift. As a business owner, you are responsible for how you conduct yourself during the day, so don’t spiral into a pit of hopelessness and frustration. If necessary, get a buddy who you can ‘download’ to – but make sure it’s someone who will get you to look at the positives and help you see the good stuff rather than the negatives.

Factor in some ‘Me’ time – Guess what, it IS your business and you can do whatever you want… even play ‘hooky’ for a couple of hours (as long as your clients are kept in the loop). Go for a walk, take a long lunch, head to the beach for a surf or swim, take the dog for a walk! Don't just do it once, but make a habit to do this regularly for yourself – remember, you’re allowed to because you’re the boss!

Celebrate your Business - Most importantly, allow yourself to have FUN with your business! Rejoice in the wins, learn from the mistakes, and be happy that you are in the position that allows you to run your own business. So many people don’t have the opportunity, foresight or, even, ability to be a business owner… let alone be a success. To many people, you are an absolute inspiration!

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