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My Personal Journey from EA to VA

I've been a VA since 2008, and it's a career I've loved from the word go. I thought I'd take a moment to share with you my personal journey - it's not something I share very often, but I think it's incredibly relevant to many people who come from the same situation I found myself in 11 years ago.

So... here goes!!!

I came from a background of legal secretarial and small business administration - I always loved administration! Unfortunately, my last JOB opened my eyes to the reality of workplace bullying where I found myself working for a man who took pleasure in making my life miserable, setting me up to fail, and then hauling me into his office to tell me how stupid I was. I lost all sense of confidence, sinking so low that I even considered taking my own life at one point. I was provided with little to no support in the workplace, however, I was able to take stress leave, and during this period of time I started researching alternative ways to earn an income providing some type of home-based administration support... and I literally stumbled upon the world of Virtual Assisting.

I was fortunate to find an amazing mentor who helped me get myself set up, and the rest (as they say) is history. That was 11 years ago! Initially I built my business on weekends and after hours... still working full time because I needed to keep my regular income stream to support our household budget. However, within 3 months I had transitioned across to running and building my business full-time.

Becoming a VA has literally saved my life - and then some! I had replaced my full time income in a matter of months (after starting to build my business full time), and then doubled it within 12 months.

If you'd like to learn more about transitioning into your own amazing Virtual Assistant business, feel free to reach out to me personally - or you can visit my website and find out more -

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