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The Benefits of Onshore Outsourcing

So many business owners think only about the cost when outsourcing various tasks or roles in their business. Quite understandably, they are looking to get as much ‘bang for their buck’ as possible in these rapidly changing times. That’s why offshore outsourcing is often the first port of call when looking for Virtual Assistants / admin solutions.

So if you’re an Australian business owner wanting to maximise your bottom line, why on earth would you consider utilising the services of an onshore outsourcing solution (such as an Australian Virtual Assistant) over and above the vast amount of cheap offshore VAs and freelancers?

In all honesty, it really comes down to the tasks you’re outsourcing.

Don't get me wrong... I do believe in offshore solutions, but I also believe very strongly that there ARE instances where I would definitely recommend delegating to someone ‘local’.

For example, with client-facing roles, you will be doing yourself a huge favour by utilising an Aussie VA simply because they understand the nuances of our home-grown Australian business culture – after all, they are small business owners themselves who understand intimately how business works here.

On top of that, you will find that a local VA will be, on the whole, more readily accepted by your clients as part of your team… in fact, your clients never need know that the team member they are communicating with is actually a VA providing similar services to a stable of clients.

The benefit to you as the business owner is that you have the ability to utilise a the services of a skilled professional who, to all intents and purposes, operates from within your office, yet without the added costs that full time / part time / casual staffing brings with it.

And just because they’re a ‘Virtual’ Assistant doesn’t mean that they can’t also be onsite to assist with special projects that may arise from time to time. I have frequently assisted clients with projects such as running workshops and events, taking meeting minutes, and attending team activities.

If you’d like to find out more about how to find your ideal Aussie Virtual Assistant, OR if you want to know how to get started in your own Virtual Assistant business from someone who knows, contact VA Institute.

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