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The Forgotten Secret to Success for Virtual Business Owners

I remember starting my own Virtual Assistant business like it was yesterday: the sense of excitement coupled with a feeling that I was about to step “off the edge – into the unknown”. And, 9 years down the track, here I am with a fabulous business that supports and sustains me!

But, achieving success in my VA business wasn’t just due to good luck: it was a combination of my skills and attitude that got me to this point… and it’s the attitude side of this combination that I want to discuss in more detail because it’s the secret to success that is often overlooked. Understanding how important this simple factor is can be difference between a business that’s ‘ho hum’ and one that’s a screaming success.

Success Mindset – It’s all up to YOU!

The reality is that your business’s success (and your success in life for that matter) is entirely up to you and your attitude – or, mindset. And winning in business means that you need to have a mindset that sets you up for success from the word go – especially when the going gets tough… and believe me, it does and will at different times!

Elite athletes are a great example of people who have learned how to harness the power of a Success Mindset. You see, only part of their success is attributable to their skills… the other part of their success is due to their mindset – their WINNING or Success Mindset. The good news is that the principles of harnessing the power of a Success Mindset are the same for everyone – you don’t have to be an elite athlete to achieve results – and you can start today!

  • What’s Your Driver? - Some of you will have chosen a career as a VA because you want to be there for the important moments in your family’s life; some will want to be able to travel and work from anywhere. Embrace your story – be proud of it – and don’t be afraid to pull it out and reflect on it. Believe me, it will buoy your spirits when you hit a bit of turbulence!

  • Be Clear About Your Goals - Everyone has different goals when it comes to want they want to achieve in their own business. And, these goals can (and do) change. For example, my first goal was to earn enough to pay the mortgage. When I achieved that goal, I gave myself a new goal to shoot for… and it went on and on from there – and continues! The key here is being VERY CLEAR about what your goals are. Write them down and make sure you review them very regularly.

  • Believe In Yourself - Don’t Be A Quitter! - When the doggie-doo hits the fan and things go wrong (as they will do from time to time – I promise!) whatever you do, don’t quit. Learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on from them. Most importantly - believe in yourself and your ability to succeed!

  • Be the Very Best Version of YOU – Put Your Best Foot Forward - Knock the socks off your clients by being exceeding their expectations. Always tryto do it better, no matter how fantastic you did it last time! Chase excellence in all that you do and you will be surprised at the fabulous rewards you will reap!

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