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Understanding the Virtual Advantage

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since I started working in the early 80s. So much is now able to be provided ‘virtually’ or remotely. In fact, in our technologically advancing world, the ability to provide support remotely (or via the ‘Cloud’) is a reality that businesses all over the world are recognising and utilising in growing numbers.

If you are working as a PA or EA, or even another desk-bound role for a company, the simple fact is that the owner of the company you work for (or are employed by) is just like you – a normal, everyday person just trying to make a living.

The reason you have a job is that they absolutely cannot do everything themselves that is ultimately required to run their business. They might be skilled in one particular area (selling or making a particular product, for example), but they employ you, and the others around you, to do the things they’re just not good at, or really don’t want to do – like the administration. The larger the company, the more ‘departments’ or areas of work processes there are.

Perhaps even in your company, you are aware that some tasks are routinely outsourced, for example, accounting services, marketing, PR, and advertising.

So, if you think about it, it stands to reason that smaller companies (and sometimes larger companies), will also be interested in outsourcing their PA or EA tasks to someone like you… and let me tell you, it’s definitely a growing demand.

Some of the benefits for businesses who do outsource include: the ability to scale up their business quickly using VAs or Virtual Industry Professionals who are flexible and available; and of course, the ability to scale down quickly and without fuss (for example, during periods when work slows down); the fact that distance is not a limitation and that just because someone is located in Perth doesn’t mean they can’t provide a superior service for a business based in Sydney; and the obvious things like not having to provide equipment to their VA or Virtual Industry Professional, only paying for the time worked, and not being required to pay income tax, superannuation, workers compensation, holiday leave etc… really, the list is long and this is only a smidgeon of what the benefits are.

Once you get your head around the opportunity that is ready and waiting for you as a self-employed VA, the next step is thinking about how exactly you are going to set yourself up for success as a VA business owner, and ultimately how you will transition across in a way that works for you, and supports your particular situation.

The possibilities for the Australian VA, and the worldwide industry itself, are boundless – limited only by its weakest link. Discovering the VA opportunity was, for me, not unlike the euphoria that one feels upon discovering a glittering diamond in a bed of rocks!
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