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Another day, another Corporate 'God' living in la-la land!

The Virtual Professional / Virtual Assistant Industry is growing, and the majority of people that we speak with are walking away from corporate gigs with dictatorial bosses and toxic workplaces.

And if we've learned anything since 2020, it's that productivity is not directly linked to the number of hours spent in an employer's physical office, yet, it would seem that draconian corporate bosses are pushing harder to have employees back in the office... and according to a recent survey conducted by Recruitment firm, Robert Half, 39 per cent of workers are now mandated to attend the office five days a week, up from 19 per cent last year.

My take on this is that it's all about control... but the reality is that just because someone shows up to the office at 9am and leaves at 5pm, this does not mean they're actually being productive. One example stands out for me when many years ago I was working in a temp job and there was one incredibly disengaged worker who appeared to just doodle on his notepad all day - and nobody really could tell me what he did!

Here's the thing: we KNOW now - thanks to the cards that we were dealt during lockdown and the work from home mandates - that productivity is not necessarily related to how many hours we sit in an office.

But, the key to making hybrid and / or fully remote workforces successful comes down to the ability to engage and connect with each other.

Atlassian are a recognised advocate of flexible employment arrangements, and Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive, Mike Cannon-Brookes was quoted as saying that it works so long as corporates don't "hire a bunch of idiots".

Atlassian also recognises the benefits of connection and engagement, and have launched a new 'connection hub' in Melbourne where more than 480 of their staff are currently based. Launched as a trial, the connection hub is focused on enhancing collaboration and productivity among their staff with attendance not being mandatory.

Ultimately, Atlassian has recognised something pretty critical, and that is the fact that location is no longer the key factor in achieving optimum productivity. Instead, it's about retaining individuals who are skilled and engaged, no matter where they are located.

So, for all those desperate employers wanting to ‘control’ their staff, here's the thing, we’re sitting on the precipice of a totally new way of operating businesses; one that has transformed the ability to achieve both lower operating costs for employers, and a happier and more engaged and productive workforce... and if the corporate 'Gods' fail to recognise this, they're living in la-la land!


If you are done with the 9 to 5 and want to set up a business that delivers freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to regain work-life balance while working from anywhere, get in touch with and let us help you map out a strategy that will get you there!

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