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Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

So Christmas is over and another year is just on the horizon… 2018 is about to be the ‘year that was’, and 2019 is the year where our future lies (for the short term anyway!).

So, let me ask you, what are YOU going to do that’s going to propel you towards your goals? And, for that matter, what is it that you want to achieve?

Do you even know?

If you do… then have you written it down and started to build a strategy?

I remember with clarity the moment I decided to become a Virtual Assistant (around 11 years ago now). I spent ages researching, and then re-researching just to make 100% sure that it WAS a career, and not another get rich quick scheme. I wanted to build something that I could channel my skills into – the stuff I absolutely loved doing (which was administration) – while also earning a decent amount for my efforts.

Once I’d decided that the VA life was for me, I found a mentor and set about making plans and building a strategy that would support my dream of freedom through self-employment… and do you know what… bit by bit, it actually started happening!

In fact, it happened rather quickly! So much so, that within 3 months I’d achieved my first major goal of earning enough to cover the mortgage payments – and this meant that my next step was actually resigning from my full time Legal Secretarial job and doing this full time… it was about to get REAL!

For anyone who has ever done a parachute jump, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that stepping into my own business full-time and leaving behind my regular weekly income was a bit like taking that leap from the open doorway of a plane in flight. Yes, it was risky, but I had weighed all my options, and it was actually a calculated risk – my parachute was that I could always go back to full-time work if I needed to (but that was my absolute last resort because my work situation had been less than ideal and I really HAD to get out).

And, again, a bit like a parachute jump, when you finally take that leap – that huge step into the void – it’s almost like you awaken for the very first time; your senses become totally switched on, and the adrenaline is almost addictive.

If you follow the plan you’ve rehearsed, you know exactly what’s next… If the wind blows you a bit off track, you can adjust your parachute with the toggles, and land as close to the mark as you can. You aim for the cross, but if you don’t make it, at least you’ve given it a good try!

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

If you are, then start first by making a plan… how are you going to get there, what are the key steps in the journey that you need to achieve? Failing to plan really is planning to fail – so make a stand today, and start to plot out your own course for 2019 now while you’re inspired… while you have time to consider your options and think with a clear head.

VA Institute can help you with your business plan, and more importantly, we can help you turn it from a dream into a reality if you’re prepared to do the work!

Believe me… it’s worth it!

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