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Everyday Women who Choose to Challenge

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we pause to reflect on our world; the world we face as a woman today. Let’s be honest… it’s been an interesting 12 months where everything we thought we knew was brought into question.

Some of us crumbled, while others found solutions and opportunities, and much like the proverbial phoenix, were able to rise from the ashes.

With absolute certainty, I know that our industry – the Virtual Assistant Industry – has been one of those go-to places where women have sought an alternative to the everyday narrative that is playing out around them.

It’s a place where women choose to challenge.

In Australia, the Virtual Assistant Industry is a growing industry which is made up primarily of women who have a background in administration – from EAs, and PAs, admin skilled professionals, right through to bookkeepers, data entry and document formatting experts.

And, I have the absolute honour and pleasure of working with many of these women on a daily basis in my role as a trainer and coach; helping them to launch their fledgling VA businesses, and supporting them with a bedrock of sound strategies, processes and principles from which to learn, build and grow.

… and I hear their stories daily; some are escaping a culture of workplace bullying, while others are transitioning out of their demanding careers to gain work-life balance which includes precious time with their families.

Whatever their reasons, these everyday women are choosing to challenge the “way it is” and replace it with something better; something that feels right and resonates with them, allowing them the flexibility and choice they crave with the prospect of a solid income stream.

So today – International Women’s Day 2021 - I salute the women who choose to challenge; those brave individuals who know in their soul there’s something better, something different, something more fulfilling out there beyond the everyday mundane that was served up to them as their only option.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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