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How becoming a VA saved my life

I see and work with individuals here at VA Institute of Australia every day whose lives have been impacted by the actions of a workplace bully.

And to be totally honest, I find it absolutely appalling that this problem still exists in our modern "politically correct" and highly WH&S compliant workplaces.

But it doesn't surprise me...

You see, I have a story to tell too - one where I experienced horrific workplace bullying that took me to the brink of suicide.

For me this experience heralded the start of a journey which has played out over the past 13 years... and it began with me making the decision to start my own home-based VA business.

And the moment I made that decision I felt a spark of something... aliveness, hope, a new possibility... something that my eroded self-confidence could take refuge in for a time as I lifted the lid on possibility and rediscovered a new life with me at the helm.

And just like that, the balance began to change.

Within a period of 3 short months, I was able to transition from the soul-destroying full time job I had into a business that I was able to build, nurture and grow to the point where I had doubled what I was earning as an employee.

And as my VA business grew, something magical happened... I rediscovered ME.

That inner spark had grown into a full blown flame, and with it came my confidence, and the ability to be able to actually enjoy doing what I loved (which, in case you're wondering, was definitely administration - yay me!)

Becoming a VA was the best decision I ever made, and it truly saved my life.

Roll on 13 years, and I now have turned my knowledge of how to build and run a highly successful VA business into helping others to do the same.

And along the way, I have met so many different versions of me... people who have been cut to the bone and traumatised by the unnecessary scourge of workplace bullying.

And much like me, they've made a life-changing decision to take back their power, do what they love and what gives them joy, whilst being able to earn a great income.

As VAs we are able to leave workplace bullying at the door, and go on to forge brilliant careers, and in doing so, reclaim what's ours.

What an incredible honour to be part of so many amazing transformations and life-altering journeys!


Want to turn your skills into a highly successful VA business? Get in touch with VA Institute and find out how.

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