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The HOT topic: Cyber Security for you as a VA

Guest blog from VA Institute National Technical Operations Manager, and Founder of Revellation, Angela Revell.

Cyber security was across the Australian headlines today - for good reason.

If you were under a rock today and don't know what we are referring to, here's a link to the Government info.

The Australian PM today announced that there has been a sustained targeting of Australian governments and companies by a sophisticated state-based actor. The message was clear -that companies and State governments need to ensure safeguard of their IT systems.

So what does this mean for you as a home user and VA?

The truth is.. it means nothing more than the standard security measures you should already have in place as a business owner. You need to protect YOUR devices so that your clients are protected also.

If you are a savvy business owner who has virus protection that is up to date and scanned regularly, then a big gold star for you!

Your business could have a paid or free virus protection program on your computer/s, but if they are not up to date? Then they are just a large welcome sign for a cyber attack.

So what else could you be doing to keep your computer safe?

  • Having a spyware/malware/adware/ransomware software platform which is, again, regularly updated & scanned. This a fantastic way to cleanup or keep those 'backdoors' shut for risks.

  • Is your computer set to automatically download and run Windows Updates? Or have you run that iOS update on your device? These updates are meant to 'brick up' any security risk to your operating system. If your business isn’t doing this, then you better pop that ‘Now Open’ neon light out the front and leave your doors unlocked.

  • How about your website? This will depend on what platform you are with. If you are with the more simple builders like Wix, then these updates automatically happen. On the other hand, if you are using the more intensive platforms like WordPress - consistent updates on your themes and plugins are the go.

  • Two-factor authentication is also worthy of your consideration for your log-ins

  • Secure Password Storage like Dashlane, 1Password and LastPass

The bottom line will come always come down to... is your computer up to date? Update your virus protection, spyware programs and software platforms at a minimum.

Cyber Liability insurance is another precaution you may like to consider for further peace of mind.

If you don’t know how to do any of the above, contact your technical support team and they will be all over it.

Don't have a technical support team? Be sure to add one as part of your business contingency plan.

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