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Welcome to 2023... what are YOU going to change?

As midnight came into view on that last day of the year, many VAs and freelancers turned their thoughts to the possibilities that the New Year held, and in particular, what changes they wished to see in their businesses.

But let’s get real for a minute... now that all the excitement has settled, let’s take a moment to honestly assess those hopes and aspirations.

What did you think about?

Perhaps it was moving your clients to a different pricing structure.

Or, did your thoughts turn to bringing in new clients?

Maybe you even had a moment to drool over that new bit of software you would love to implement for the better productivity it promised to deliver.

So as the clock ticked over to 2023, what did you already have in place to bring these thoughts and ideas to fruition?

Did you already have goals set and a plan in place? Or, is this just another New Year’s business resolution that will sit with the 92% of resolutions which are either poorly planned and fail, or even worse, were never planned and never even see the light of day?

No matter what, there is still time to take hold of these ideas, roll up your sleeves and get cracking!

No more waiting, no more wishing... give yourself the permission to physically create the plan to implement the new steps.

Give yourself the opportunity to excel.

Let's change the state of play!

Rather than paying “lip service” to the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, let’s instead resolve to step up and take those amazing goals and plans with both hands and run with them. Instead of being one of the 92% whose New Year’s Resolutions never happen, let’s actually take the steps to activate your vision through perseverance to achieve the outcome you’re seeking… a solid and successful VA business.

What are you waiting for... go and make it happen!


VA Institute provides support through all phases of the VA journey : from startup and launch right through to ongoing professional development, as well as helping VAs to scale up their businesses to a team or agency.

For further information about support for new and existing VAs, please email

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