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What's your Mindset?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Want to know the biggest challenge most of us face when starting up a VA business?

When moving from employee to business owner, by far the biggest shift we need to make is learning how to THINK like a business owner... often referred to as an 'entrepreneurial' or 'business' mindset.

As someone who has come out of an employee background (as have the majority of my colleagues in the Virtual Assistant industry), I have witnessed some amazing successes, and some resounding failures - and when it all stacks up, it's often a mindset issue (positive or negative).

VAs who succeed will either unconsciously or very consciously have a shift in the way they operate, in that they will adopt a 'growth mindset'.

They embrace failure as an opportunity to do it better next time - to grow and build success.

They understand that they can do pretty much anything they set their mind to (and back up with skills, of course).

They willingly take on new things that to those around them may seem crazy and ill-advised. But, they will have weighed up the pros and cons and taken a 'calculated risk'.

VAs who succeed will step out from the shadows and seize the day, knowing that they have the right to carve out something that provides them with the ability to work and live a better, more balanced life.

I love this industry, and I love helping people understand and build an entrepreneurial mindset.

You know the old saying, "give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"... well, that's what we do at VA Institute.


If you are struggling with your business mindset, or just want to get started as a Virtual Assistant, get in touch with us by emailing and we can jump on a quick call with you and help you gain some clarity!

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