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Copy of If the Shoe Fits....

I made a HUGE mistake this week… On a total whim, I bought some absolutely gorgeous new shoes to wear to an event I was running. They looked so beautiful that I simply couldn’t resist. Only problem was, they didn’t fit very well – something I didn’t discover until it was way, way, WAY too late… by which time, I knew full well there was absolutely no chance I could resolve the situation until AFTER the full day workshop I was running because I was on such a tight schedule.

This was indeed a painful situation - in more ways than one!

Had I been slightly more focused on quality and fit rather than beauty and style, I would most certainly have avoided this rather painful lapse in judgement!

And so it is in business… often we make decisions based on the way something or someone presents themselves to us. We set ourselves up for disaster from the outset because we invest in something that really doesn’t ‘fit’ properly. And, that can really, really hurt a small business!

For those of us in our own VA (Virtual Assistant) or Freelance / Home-Based businesses, we need to be very clear about who exactly is our ideal client, and what our service offering is - are we the right 'fit' for them, and are they the right 'fit' for us?

By providing a service that you are confident and skilled in to the ‘right’ client (your ideal client), you are immediately one step ahead of your competition.

More than that, your clients will love you because in their eyes, you are an expert in the work you do simply because you’re providing a service that you are well and truly able to provide!

You’re not trying to offer something that you’re not a ‘fit’ for, and you are actually easing your clients' pain rather than potentially adding to it!

If you want to find out more about setting up your own Virtual Assistant business, or if you’re already a VA and struggling to identify your niche or ideal client, get in touch with the VA Institute.

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