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Do you trust yourself enough to let go?

When I began my VA journey in 2008, I took what I would call a moderately low-risk approach where I ‘dipped my toes in the water’ (so to speak) and tested the model while I was still in full time employment… and let’s face it, this is what a lot of VAs today will do, and it’s something we always encourage in the early days of a business journey.

By taking a low-risk approach, and not burning any bridges, I got to prove to myself that being a VA was actually a ‘thing’, and I could be well-paid for the work I did.

Next, I focused on an exit strategy from my awful, toxic and soul-destroying job by sitting down with my husband and setting some financial goals that would be the trigger for me stepping into my VA business full time. We agreed on a minimum turnover amount… something that would be just enough to keep our household ticking along until my business had replaced by full time wage.

It took me 3 months to get to that point.

And, once I sat in the driver’s seat of my business FULL TIME, the growth was exponential. This was primarily due to the fact that without the distraction of a job, I was able to focus 100% of my energy on building a stable of clients, and as I discovered, I only really needed 3 key clients to pretty much double what I was earning in my full-time job.

Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it?!

The thing is, many new VAs will hold themselves back because they don’t trust themselves… they fear the unknown, and they hold themselves back by keeping a ‘safety net’ close by – whether that’s a job, or even if they’re working with another VA in a subcontractor capacity and just doubt their ability to go it alone!

By letting go, you are opening the doors to something fantastic…

By being able to focus 100% of your time on business building activities, and incorporating strategies that we know are fundamental elements for success, you are in the best position to grow something amazing!

Ask yourself honestly... am I holding on and unwittingly holding myself back?

If you are... make a plan, set up the ground rules, and give yourself permission to let go and step into possibility.

The keys to your success are in your hands!



If you are struggling with self-doubt and low confidence, VA Institute is here to help you.

Reach out to us by emailing for more information.

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