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Futureproofing – how to stay ahead in the ever-changing world we are living in!

As Bob Dylan famously sang in 1964, “…the times, they are a-changin’”. Indeed, this sentiment rings true today as we are faced with so many challenges and changes brought about by natural disasters, and the current pandemic that is COVID-19. Change – it seems – is inevitable. The way we work is being severely tested, and we are having to step up if we are to survive.

For those of us who are ahead of the curve, we have recognised the benefits of home-based work and have set up businesses in a way which enables us to provide a seamless service to our clients, because – let’s face it - business is still business, and if we can keep the wheels turning (for us and our clients), we are in such a great position when it comes to riding out this current COVID-19 storm that we’re in the midst of.

Let me assure you that our ability to work from anywhere is now a reality, and there are individuals ‘out there’ who are able to support you in keeping your business running, and in helping you navigate what may seem to be uncharted territory.

Our Virtual Assistant industry is talented and highly skilled. We are able to jump in when you need us, and step back when you don’t. We’re here to help you!

Our capable Virtual Assistant industry is ready, willing and able to assist you to futureproof your business so that sudden changes to the way we work are absorbed and dealt with.

The industry that I’m part of – the Australian VA Industry - is made up of professionals who care, and who are able to roll with the punches, and proactively provide you with workable, cost effective solutions.

So how are you going to futureproof yourself and your business?

For individuals who have found themselves in a predicament due to the changing business landscape that we face today, and who want to build a home-based business to sustain them into the future… NOW IS THE TIME. Use this downturn as an opportunity to explore how to set up and run your own Virtual Assistant service. Virtual Assistants in Australia provide a range of administrative support from their own home office, and services can include:

o General EA / Admin Support

o Operations Management

o Database Management

o Copywriting

o Sales Support

o Social Media Management

o Website Design and Maintenance

o Client Relationship Tasks

o Phone Answering and Appointment Setting

o Email and Diary Management

o Marketing

o HR

o Bookkeeping

o General Document Preparation and maintenance… and more.

Similarly, organisations such as The VA Institute ( offer coaching, training and mentoring to support new and startup VAs, with a key focus being to drive excellence and sustainability in the growing VA industry. The programs are available in a variety of delivery options ranging from self-paced online, to workshops delivered in real-time over Zoom and in person.

For Business Owners who are struggling to keep their business trading and who are looking for a workable and cost-effective option, look no further than our amazing Virtual Assistant Industry.

If you’d like to explore this option, then we highly recommend utilising services such as the one Find a VA offers. Find a VA ( is set up to connect you quickly with quality certified Australian Virtual Assistants who can support you right now.

The times, they are definitely ‘a-changin’…

How we respond today will ultimately determine our future success!

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