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Mastering the Art of Finding Clients: Essential Strategies for Virtual Assistants

Updated: Feb 2

No matter what business you are in, the art of finding clients is key to your success. At VA Institute, we understand the importance of identifying simple but effective strategies that will drive business success and help you to easily identify the right clients.


To help you get on track, here's a holistic guide to transforming your client-finding approach.


1. Before You Even Begin… Lay Down a Strong Foundation:

Before you embark on your client-finding journey, it's crucial to build a strong foundation. This involves clarity about your business objectives, knowing your strengths, and ensuring your services align with what you love doing. Remember, a house built on rock stands firm.


2. Pricing Your Services Right:

Confidence in your pricing strategy is essential. Uncertainty can be a deal-breaker. Whether you opt for hourly rates, outcome-based fees, or retainers, make sure your pricing reflects your worth and aligns with your business goals.


3. Identifying Your Ideal Client:

Who is your dream client? Sometimes, understanding who you don't want to work with helps in clarifying this. Whether you're certain or still exploring, keep asking who fits into your ideal client profile and where to find them.


4. Understanding the Problems You Solve:

Deeply understanding your client's pain points is crucial. Can you speak their language? Ensure your website and socials are client-centric, addressing their needs and showcasing your solutions.


5. Leveraging Your Network:

Your existing network is a goldmine. Reach out to connections, friends, past work colleagues, and let them know about your VA business. Be open and ask for their support in spreading the word.


6. Optimising Your Online Presence:

Is your online presence aligned with your client acquisition goals? Ensure your website, LinkedIn, and social media profiles accurately reflect your brand and attract the clients you desire. Avoid divisive topics like politics or religion; focus on business.


7. Using LinkedIn Effectively:

If you don’t use LinkedIn, then definitely consider it because research has shown that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in lead generation. And, if you are already using LinkedIn, then please ensure your profile is professional, engaging, and reflective of your skills. Be strategic in connecting and engaging with potential clients, and remember, quality connections trump quantity.


8. Being Active on Facebook:

Regularly post on your Facebook business page and participate in relevant groups. Offer value, engage genuinely, and position yourself as an expert. Be strategic and consider special offers to attract clients rather than a generic “pick me” post that helps nobody.


9. Exploring Online Job Boards:

Platforms like Seek, LinkedIn Jobs, and Upwork can be valuable resources for connecting with your ideal clients. Set alerts for job types you offer and pitch the benefits of hiring a skilled VA. Look at VA industry membership networks like VA Institute's Virtual Momentum which not only provides premium job leads, but supports you with VA-centric weekly live webinars, access to free coaching, and is designed to get your VA business pumping!


10. Connecting with Other VAs:

Networking with fellow VAs can lead to opportunities for collaboration, subcontracting, or overflow work. Be a connector and a supporter within the VA community.


11. Local Networking:

Never underestimate the power of local, face-to-face networking. Position yourself as an expert, build connections, and learn from peers.


Put simply, finding clients is a blend of strategy, networking, and knowing your worth. At VA Institute, we encourage you to embrace these strategies every single day, refine your approach when required, and watch your VA business flourish now and into the future.




If you are struggling with a strategy for finding clients, reach out to us and have a chat –

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