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New year, new you

I always love the start of a new year – that feeling of being able to start to design the next 12 months excites me… it kind of reminds of that feeling I used to get when I was about to start writing in a new exercise book at school - it’s fresh and clean, and you want it to stay that way (well, that’s how it was for me anyway).

Yes, that feeling you get when you are stepping into a new year can seem almost magical… like someone is giving you another chance to get it right this time around.

The reality, of course, is that you have that opportunity (and permission) to choose to change the course of your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But I guess the fact that a lot of us have holidays or down-time around Christmas and New Year means that we naturally start to think about what we’re doing, and what we want to do in the future.

I know that’s very true for me… I stop and I think, reflect and plan. It’s a natural process – and one I absolutely love. As I start to unwind, I can feel my mind relaxing, and for me, I find that it’s the BEST time to reflect on what I’ve done, where I’m at, and where I would like to focus my energies on in the coming year.

One thing is certain though – if you don’t plan or strategise (whether it’s around this time of the year, or some other time), it’s probably not going to happen. Most people have great intentions, but fail to take some steps towards achieving anything.

Planning and strategising can be as simple as jotting some notes down as ideas come to you. You don’t have to do anything rigorous – believe me! My best ideas have come to me when I take the time to just ‘be’… and usually the only thing I have close by all the time these days is my phone, so I utilise the notes app A LOT.

If you decide to get serious, the next step is mapping out some actions so you can move towards achieving your new goals or targets. Again, this doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You can use your calendar, or even free project management apps such as Asana or Trello to plan and list out the steps you need to move towards your goals.

Maybe you could even enrol an “accountability partner” to help keep you on track and moving towards your goals.

So, if this is you… if you want to move forward and achieve more this year, then do something about it because no one else is going to do it for you (harsh but true). Be the change you want to see in your own life!

Wishing you all success, love and light in 2020!

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