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The Simple Reason Why Some Businesses Prosper While Others Fail Miserably

If you are a business owner – any business owner – you probably believe that your success is based on your ability to deliver whatever it is you are selling: whether that’s a Virtual Assistant service, or building houses.

We see business owners’ bang on again and again about how great they are and why people should invest in their services or product. They’ll speak loudly about their qualifications, their finely tuned skills, and the results and outcomes that only they can deliver…

Yeah, that’s all great. It’s fantastic, BUT (and it’s a big but) many shoot themselves in the foot because, you see, whilst success absolutely includes the need for expertise and an outstanding ability to deliver, by far the biggest factor that sets any business apart from its competitors is the way it delivers its service… and that primarily comes down to the communication (or lack of it) with a business’s individual clients or customer base.

Listen up people… because I can tell you from experience that there are lots of businesses trading today who simply don’t understand this concept, and who then wonder why they have trouble getting clients and / or wonder why their clients don't hang around for very long.

To be blunt, it’s a big bad world out there, and there are plenty of other versions of ‘you’ shouting from the virtual rooftops and waxing lyrical about how amazing they are. That’s all well and good, but it’s important to back that up with a focus on the client experience – much of which is dictated by how, when and what we communicate with our clients.

Ultimately, what sets successful businesses apart from their competitors is how well they use communication as a tool to nurture and care for their greatest assets – their clients.

Quite simply, when all is said and done, everything comes back to the client experience and how doing business with you makes them feel.

It stands to reason that if you are able to build a culture where the client feels important and listened to, this will be the stand out experience that has them coming back… again and again and again… and the kicker here is that they’ll probably bring their friends and family with them!

So I’m going to ask you to be honest with yourself right here, right now… how do you rate on the communication and client experience scale? Do you have any strategies in place to nurture and support your clients when they engage your services, and through their client journey with you?

If you’re not sure, then perhaps you need to set some time aside to review and / or start to gain some perspective through client feedback. If you know you could do better, then build a strategy that supports your most valuable asset… your clients… and reap the rewards that come with that!

If you’re an Aussie Virtual Assistant and want some support with this aspect of your business, or want to chat through great strategies for keeping clients happy, get in touch with me – – or visit the website to find out more about what we do –

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